MALWARE PROTECTION is Scanned Daily for Malware

Malware Scanned: 15-08-2022 Status : Clean is actively scanned for Malware using Heuristics and Artificial Intelligence to regularly check internal files for anomalies, so that if anything is ever discovered, they can quickly resolve it.

SSL PROTECTION has an Active SSL Certificate

SSL Provider: Comodo Valid Until : 12-06-2023

By having an active SSL certificate, is able to encrypt your information and send it securely to over the internet to their merchant bank; protecting your information during the transaction.

© 2022 Trust Guard - All Rights Reserved.   Disclaimer: This certificate confirms that has been recently scanned using one or more of the following Trust Guard services: Vulnerability scanning, Heuristic Malware scanning, and/or SSL Validation scanning, according to the results displayed and corresponding scan dates shown. As a consumer, this certificate is meant to provide you with helpful information, so that you can see the additional security measures that has undergone, to help you make a more informed buying decision.

While reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the scanning services provided are functioning properly and the information displayed is correct, Trust Guard makes no warranty or claim regarding the accuracy of the information provided. In addition, Trust Guard does not guarantee that the scanned website is immune from hackers or that any data stored on their servers is completely safe. Trust Guard is also in no way responsible for the security or use of any information collected by the scanned website or stored on their servers.

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